I‘m a heavy vodka drinker.

This shiat is giving me goosebumps. It’s soooo clean yet powerful. Love it. Like the Russian version of Skyy – add bit of soul & power… there you go! Gotta keep my notes shorty short, because it’s The Dakotas i‘m listening to and their songs are rather short. SmileyBlinkyEyes


Pretty often used for cocktails this is a high quality, smooth and tender vodka with still enough taste of its own to make it an remarkable experience. Definitely on my Top 10. Enjoy it on a relaxed evening with friends when it’s the proper time for more than just one glass of vodka.


Einer der bekanntesten Vodka aus Polen und trotzdem hatte ich den bisher noch nicht getrunken.
Gestern wurde von mir diese Luecke gefuellt und dafuer war es auch an der Zeit!
Ein samtig weicher Antrunk, zu dem sich recht bald eine Schaerfe gesellt, die den Mundraum kribbeln laesst. In der selben Smoothness-Liga wie Sky, jedoch mit mehr Biss! Vanille- & Birne-Aromen machen sich breit – wenn man schon unbedingt Vergleiche aus Fruechtewelt bemuehen muss.
Ein Vodka, den ich, der Debilitaet, die dies dem interessierten Beobachter bietet, vollends bewusst, gern einige Runden ueber Zahnfleisch und Zunge (ja, der Mundraum!) rotieren lasse, – auf dass er mir dieses geliebte Gefuehl zwischen Kribblen & Betaeubung beschert – bevor er langsam die Kehle runtersmoothen darf, um dem naechsten Schluck Platz zu machen. Koks, Kiffen, oder was es da noch immer mit „K“ gibt – nichts davon kann mit ein paar Glaesern guten Vodka mithalten!

Uneingeschraenkte Kaufempfehlung! Ausgenommen: Jugendliche, in Vorbereitung auf das Partywochende, mit einer Packung Hohes C, bereit zum Mischen, in der Hand! Pur zu geniessen!
Die Frage, ob Jugendliche zu meiner Zeit (als das Fernsehen noch b/w war und ich keinen Alkohol trank) auch schon solche Wimps (leave the hall!) waren und den Vodka nicht pur tranken, beschaeftig mich schon laenger. Damit, wahlweise auch Becks Gold oder diesen Jim-Beam-Cola Dosen, koennt ihr meine Anerkennung nie erlangen. Auf der anderen Seite kann ich auch verstehen, dass man „Wodka Gorbatschow“ nicht pur trinken moechte.


I‘m pretty sure this is the first bottle of Vodka i bought that has a cork – which is sweet and just looks nice, but the sealing was massive and smelled aweful.
The vendor told me Siwucha is pure Vodka, would probably not have bought it if i‘d known it’s aromatized with sloes. First things first, Siwucha is a pretty smooth Vodka, one can taste it’s aged in oak barrels. There’s also a subtle vanilla flavor and then there’s the sloes. The sloes are present, BUT not as pungent and artifical as you might know it from the hundred of Absolut products. The fruity element isn‘t prominent, it sets the tone, but still leaves room for other flavors.
I‘m still not a fan of aromatized Vodka, but this one is by far the best i had in that section.

Siwucha is made from 2 different types of grain, 3 times destilled and then filtrated through charbroil.

Tovaritch was quite a surprise. Didn‘t expect anything worth mentioning at a price of 8 Euro/0.75l, but this Vodka from the Saint Petersburg region is definitely worth the money. Nothing fancy, just straight up, pretty strong Vodka. Wouldn‘t waste it on cocktails, Tovaritch has way too much personality to be diluted. One of the best in that price range. Won a few awards as well.

Stock Prestige Vodka from Poland, Six Times Destilled & Cold Filtered Vodka.

Friday evening and my vodka dealer was running low on supply. Vodkas advertising their own product with stuff like „Worldwide Since 1884″ and having a globe on the screw-cap are definitely not my first choice, but the other ones available i already had and i‘m always up for trying something new. The first sip has a lot of vanilla flavor, but it’s neither too sweet nor is the taste overlaid by vanilla, unfortunately there’s not much else. It’s a pretty pure and clean vodka which is probably good for cocktails, but if you like a vodka with character, something giving you a decent mouthfeel, Stock Prestige is not what you‘re looking for! Quite a disappointment. Tastes slightly better if you serve it icecold.

Arapow de luxe Vodka 0,7 Liter, 40 % Vol (grain, destilled 5 times)
Will do this in german cos this is some no-name brand vodka you can buy only at a certain supermarket over here.

Ich habe mir gerade eine Flasche des „Luxus-“ Vodka ausm Pennymarkt geholt. Viel erwarten konnte ich natuerlich nicht und wurde auch nicht enttaeuscht, was meine geringen Erwartungen betraf. Ueberraschenderweise schmeckt Arapow DE LUXE zwar nicht nach Chemiewerkabwasser, bringt aber trotzdem keinen Eigengeschmack mit. Ein leichtes Kitzeln der Zunge und schon ist das Waesserchen die Kehle runter & vergessen. Neutraler Vodka. Fuer Mixgetraenke mag das geeignet sein, da er wirklich keinen Abgang hat, wie der Weinyuppie sagen wuerde. In dem Preissegment empfehle ich jedoch Tarpan und Boru.


I tried quite a few types of Vodka lately. Most of them weren‘t that exciting so i‘ll just post pictures.

Nisskosher vodka. Had the 50% one. It’s actually pretty strong and that’s about it.

It includes a red pepper which makes it indeed kinda hot. Not much in common with vodka, but perfect if you like spicy liquor.

This is pretty much the best one of this session! It has 42% as the name says. Don‘t know why they chose to pump it up to 42 instead of 40%, but i guess it’s to make it even more special. The first fancy outstanding thing about „Vodka 42″ is the bottle itself. The print on it is a mixture of letterpress and screen printing including a relief imitating ice on the bottle. If you cool down the vodka to -7°C the small white „42″ turns blue.
No big difference to a regular 40%, but it’s a strong and yet rich, smooth and pretty „clean“ vodka – a 5m filtration cylinder with only 2l/minute passing takes care of that. Comparable to Skyy, but as it seems hard to get outside czech republic. Recommended.


Dutch vodka Ketel One is probably the smoothest one i ever had. Just amazing how it feels on your tongue. If you like Skyy you‘ll love Ketel One!
Ketel One

Kapitanska vodka is quite the opposite. Made of weath this is a pretty aromatic, even strawy vodka. Didn‘t quite like it, but Kapitanska is still far ahead of most of the cheap supermarket vodkas.

The last one of that session, a nice potato vodka from norway. Vikingfjord is a pretty aromatic vodka with well selected ingredients, smooth but with a decent taste of its own. Highly recommended if you‘re looking for something yummy and for those who say every vodka tastes the same. Try one made of (a mix) wheat and then Vikingfjord.

Palace Vodka from poland is just as Vikingfjord a fine vodka made from 3 times distilled potato alcohol. Again the taste is a lot different from the ones made of wheat. I kinda fancy the patato ones. That might be cos 90% of the low and mid price vodkas are made of wheat and i appreciate the variety. Yet smooth it still makes you cherish any sip!

Green Mark rye vodka i just got on our trip to the russian supermarket. The bottle looked tempting and the content didn‘t disappoint either. The internet says it’s the number one vodka in russia and i can imagine why. Similar to Skyy this one is just as smooth and clean, but has still quite some power. You wouldn‘t want to waste it on vodka-o. Green Mark is made from well selected incredients. – Oh, 7% of the market in russia, bigger than smirnoff and the likes – One of the best ones i ever had. The sweet smell of the empty bottle still makes my mouth water. Yummy!

Pan Tadeusz – not just polish national epic, but also one of best finest vodka i had in a while. Made from rye grains. Definitely need another bottle or two. Bottle compliments the content with it’s classy look.

Had a bunch of mid-/-low price russian and polish vodkas lately as you can see above. Can‘t remeber all of them and it wouldn‘t be worth doing so. Nothing special and it’s pretty hard to find something (new) outstanding in that price range.
If you read the short notes above you‘ll know that SKYY is one of my fave vodka and i was kinda freaked about finding SKYY PASSION FRUIT in one of the local supermarkets. But this stuff i couldn‘t drink. This is like an overdose of flavor enhancer. It could be pretty much any flavor, you won‘t be able to tell. Just tastes so damn chemical.

When i had a bottle of Three Sixty Vodka for the first time years ago on my birthday i was really delighted and therefore pretty happy to find it at the local supermarket today. But my memory doesn‘t match with what i‘m drinking right now. The 4-time destillation and „diamond filtration“ do a great job in delivering a smooth and crystal clear texture, on the other hand it’s so fucking sweet, tastes a lot like caramel or honey. Way too much! Did check their website, no honey mentioned. Pretty strange. The sweet taste kinda reminds me of cheap vodka made from sugar cane. Hmmm.

On my trip to the not so local local Real supermarket i discovered that vodka. It’s nothing fancy, but 5 Euro/0.5l – you can hardly beat this! And Sojus has 40% + it tastes kinda ok. Slight vanilla flavor and unlike most of the vodka at this price range you can drink it pure without the urgent need to throw up.

Bree Vodka from famous wine country Bernnkastel in the mosel-region and hence made from grapes. Actually, this is the only Vodka i know that is made from grapes. The design of the bottle is quite well done and it’s even a little cheaper than Skyy, but even though it doesn‘t taste like fruit schnaps (what i expected) it’s simply nothing special. Neither extremely pure or smooth nor any other traits that might make you buy it again. But a decent Vodka made from grapes – new to me at least! Heads up.

Pure Green Organic Vodka – a brand from sweden which I just found out even won a few prices. Ok, it’s a pretty gentle and smooth Vodka with a slight wheaty taste, but at 20+ Euro a bottle PGOV is kinda expensive taking into consideration what it has to offer. Simply nothing special, just another mediocre Vodka. Save some bucks and go for Moskovskaya. But maybe with that hippiesque ecological awareness stuff going on, people might jump on it.

Just a quick note. This is probably one of the best brands i‘d the pleasure to taste in a while: