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Huck vs Arslan recap

I don‘t get the controversy the decision in the fight between Huck and Arslan caused. There’s a lot of talk about distortion of competition, fraud, Team Sauerland buying the judges etc. What is wrong with people? Did they see Pacquiao vs Bradley?
Maybe it’s the somewhat vague regulations on how to score a fight.
Arslan clearly dominated the first half of the fight (not saying he won all the rounds). But he slowed down a lot beginning with round 7, less punches and a lot less clear hits. His defensive work suffered as well. Huck kept hitting a lot of body shots and his combos hit its target a lot more in the later stage of the fight.
Without a doubt it was a close fight, but also taking into consideration there’s at least a one-round bonus for the reigning champion, Huck winning by 2 rounds is a reasonable decision.
The audience saw Arslan applying pressure and moving forward throughout the fight, still activity alone doesn‘t win a fight. You also have to remember a fight is scored round by round and power punches are usually valued higher (still wonder how many uppercuts Huck took) than „normal punshes“. It feels like a lot of the judges don‘t know how to factor in activity and how to evaluate power punches. That’s probably one reason for a lot of disputable decisions.

Something else that crossed my mind is the lack of mental power Ulli Wegners fighters seem to struggle with (lately) which is kind of surprising since Wegner is known as a major motivator, at least during the fight, appealing to the fighters pride & honor.

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