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Michael Mann teaming up with Don Winslow. Reading middle-class intellectual shizzle only, but can‘t fall asleep when not listening to an audiobook and Winslow is one of my fave sleep masks.
Can‘t wait to see the next step in the visual venture of Mann.


Scored 95% at the latest feedback of employer 1 and just passed the qualification test for some pretty well payed work at employer 2. Time for some VODKA!

Such a great read! First book in ages i kept reading for hours on end.

Walter Serner – Der elfte Finger (Steegemann)

Wow, seems like i‘ve been very lucky. Kids stole the envelope with the book from my mailbox. But some dude saw it and confronted them. They run away and the nice guy just brought me the book and explained what happened.

Unfortunately, the dust jacket is missing, but the book is in good shape. No stamps or anything else that is not supposed to be there. Bought it for less than one has to pay for an average new paperback.

Walter Serner – Der elfte Finger

Just bought it online. Steegemann (1923). Only saw one picture of it. Won‘t mention the price – no one would believe me. Could easily become the find of the year. Will take some pictures when it arrives and is indeed the right edition. CAN‘T WAIT!!! So crazy!!!!

4 years ago i posted a picture of my Serner-collection. Will post an update soon.