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Songs of the day [Floor]

…cos i can‘t convince myself… to go and see Torche… the venues all suck… would be a waste of money, time and above all sweet memories… of that tour in 06.

wisdom of the day

you must be a silly ass mofo to not know that already…


Sylt is always fun when it comes to fancy cars… but usually not that different from the financial district in Frankfurt, Knokke-Heist or Saint-Tropez… usually! Last weekend the number of Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maserati, Aston Martin etc… it was just insane. The one vehicle that really made me wanting to do some research was the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63. With its sheer size, elegance and brutal force at the same time it really stands out from all the other SUVs. I seriously need to do a test drive. :)

Oh, could just stay on the island for two days. Plan was to be there for almost two weeks. Life sucks big time at the moment. But it was worth the trouble. Could even swim in the ocean and enjoy the sea air. Hope to be able to at least go back for a weekend later this year.

Song of the day [Sleater-Kinney]

Bought a car with a nice panoramic sunroof and lots of horsepower – perfect soundtrack!

… that car and sundown cruising:


Michael Mann teaming up with Don Winslow. Reading middle-class intellectual shizzle only, but can‘t fall asleep when not listening to an audiobook and Winslow is one of my fave sleep masks.
Can‘t wait to see the next step in the visual venture of Mann.