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Polopicknick Münster

Polopicknick Münster

Song of the day [All Out War]

Back from Sylt after two weeks that just flew by. Sooner rather than later i need to move to Sylt. Real estate prices are still insane and there’s no reason to believe it might change anytime soon. Gotta figure out a way to make it happen without the need to change my standard of living.


… as usual, using dental floss thinking it could turn back the hands of time and, of course, following the smoke toward the riff filled land i searched for artists similar to Zebulon Pike and (via Google) suggested Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon… in sixth spot – kinda funny (‚cos… yeah, obviously… and sad… yeah, ‚cos… well, that’s obvious too). Various useful suggestions i didn‘t remember… pretty okay.

ene mene muh

cut cut cut

Reducing the number of activated notebooks. Difficult thing to do. Had my fair share (understatement of the day) of different notebooks… and the HP NC6400 will always be my fave one. Core Duo, 4GB max… it’s getting really difficult. But will stick to it wherever i can. It has the best keyboard, size, design and handling. Going to take a picture of the graveyard soon.