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First Blood!

Ich hoffe, die bei Markus Lanz erwaehnten Forderungen wurden erfuellt und das bisschen Gespiele zahlt sich aus, lieber Helmut!

The Killing.

Watching the first episode of the original right now. Did enjoy the US-remake quite a bit. One season would probably have been enough and the series was extremely fancy, but the main characters Linden & Holder are just great and the overall atmosphere of the series moving. A glimpse of it you can get by listening to theme song.

The Crystals… again, this time featured in a great scene by Marty!

Great scene from one Scorseses best movies:

No Country For Old Men.

While the adaption of The Road is crap, one can easily see what the Coen-Brothers are capable of when watching No Country For Old Men. Already an amazing book, the movie doesn‘t twist the story, but adds so much making it a lot more than a bleak adaption.
Watch this one, Mr. Schlöndorff.