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Gent, October 2014.

Family Business.

Difficult to keep up with a mother that drinks a Westy 12, 2 La Trappe and 2 Hertog Jan Bockbier on a sunday afternoon. Even though she’s a big fan of La Trappe (she couldn‘t go back to the regular German supermarket Pils after tasting it) her verdict was clear: Westvleteren 12 is the best beer she ever had. Always knew i‘ve a smart mom. Her question about how many bottles i‘ve in storage made me raise an eyebrow though.
Later this week i‘ll introduce her to some other beers i think she might enjoy. Pretty curious to hear what she thinks of Struise Pannepot.


At the balcony with a cigaret, drinking a Westvleteren 12 and listening to Weedeater. Oh, had a Pannepot 2011 before that.
Another reason why i would defend the Westvleteren 12 against folks saying it’s just the hype and shiat: It’s the only beer i know that enhances the taste of my smokes. No shiaaat. American Spirit Perique Blend and the holy grail of beer are indeed partners in crime.

Not my stash, but about 50 bottles left and Hell yeah! it’s about time to go to Belgium.



Accidentaly deleted a folder with about 30 movies i really wanted to see.