Archiv für Februar 2015

Performance of the day [Cannabis Corpse]

Update: Changed my mind. THIS is sooo sexy and has one of the best songs they ever did: MUMMIFIED IN BONG WATER

Performance of the day [Conan]

Not too shabby! :)

Song of the day pt. 2 [Iron Monkey]

Can‘t remember when it was released or when i heard it for the first time… i do remember though full album was rather annoying… but that song… on repeat now…. for about an hour. BOOOOOM!

Song of the day [Bongzilla]

One of the best songs eva evaa evaaaaaa!
Doesn‘t need „Maryjane“ to enjoy that beauty…. a lot of booze is just fine as well… naaah, not needed either. Perfection. Bongzilla back on tour… well.

a day in the office

Lots of work and listening to music on the side… Sleep at Hellfest 2013 (Youtube) – outstanding… Wolves in Throne Room – Celestial Lineage – too much fairy tale… right now: Morbid Angel – Covenant – perfect… long day ahead… much more music to come. Bring it on!