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… going to Belgium again next week. Will stay in Gent and visit all the essential shops, Westvleteren too, of courzzze.
Really looking forward to it. Need to restock on a lot of brews and hope to get a bunch of hard to find ones. De Hopduvel, Dranken Geers and Dranken Vande Woude are the ones i‘ll definitely pay a visit.

Pig Destroyer

Thank GOD me idiot preordered the limited color, splatter whatever wax.


Full of Hell live at The Unicorn in Camden, 27/06/14 from BaronxBones on Vimeo.

That song on Soundcloud from the upcoming LP with MERZBOW is outstanding… güüggle: soundcloud Gordian Knot

Video of the night [FULL OF HELL]

Admiring the drummer… his speed… keeping me awake.