Archiv für Juni 2014

Song of the day [Deichkind]

The original video was amazing. Too bad it’s no longer available.
Best piece of Das Bo in ages (his pitiful Dschlaaand-song included).

Album of the day [Cannabis Corpse]

Song of the day [Adele cover]

I‘ve a thing for Adele and since i had to watch quite a few vids of every Tom, Dick and Harry doing songs of her i came across that one. Probably listened to all the songs available by Marina Dalmas since then. This is by far her best cover. Pretty sure it’s been enhanced a lot, even though it’s supposed to be „live“.
Yeah, it might appear to be rather pervy, but the kid has a surprisingly well developed voice. Amen.

Song of the day [Dope Body]

still dope as fuck!

Song of the day [The Clash]