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weekend aggression [His Hero Is Gone]

Westvleteren 12.

Took me 2,5 hours this time to get a dialing tone, but it’s done and i will spend my birthday picking up beer. Sounds like a decent way to celebrate, at least to me. :)

lol lol lol


Not much to talk about. Working quite a lot, been reading Open City by Teju Cole and drank a few beers and some vodka… but even though i enjoy beer (had few exquisite ones as well), but writing about it just seems like blabla at the moment… i rather focus on proper storing and expanding my collection. My cellar is quite small (temperature not ideal either) and the cellar in my mothers house is huge, various rooms (old mining entry) and i‘m currently considering moving most of the bottles i plan on drinking in 5+ years (or even keeping in storage longer – for possible selling as collectables – yeah, i watched too many auction & storage room selling shows!) there.
Have plans to go back to Belgium later this month, spending my birthday in a fancy place and restock on a bunch of Belgian beers. Probably do some treasure hunting as well.

Fall is the season of new TV shows… took me about 30 minutes to check through like… 10 of them and not a single one made me even want to watch the rest of the episode. Fortunately, there’s a new season of Elementary, East Bound & Down (Geez!) and Bones (slobber!) on TV. Watching Two And A Half Men and Sons Of Anarchy as well – taking too many baths to not watch these.

Boredom, part 2: To go with the flow. Had a Malheur 10 and a Augustinerbr√§u Lagerbier Hell tonight and, hoping for a good night’s sleep, drinking a Augustinerbr√§u Weissbier right now.
Might be the proper glass or experimentation with drinking temperature… the Malheur 10 tastes a lot better than the Malheur 12. It’s fruity, refreshing, perfect sweetness and just well-balanced in general – another one asking for a restock.