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New desktop background

The look, that hairstyle. AAAAAWWWWWW!!!

Song des Tages.

Zwischen Raum und Zeit / Haftbefehl vs. Marsimoto


I have this obsession with Troy. Watching it any time it’s on TV, probably about 10-12 times so far. It has everything: Some of the worst acting ever, Myrmidónes – an invincible ancient special forces team (half of them dies when hitting the coast), oversimplified mythology, lots of crowd shots, love, brotherly love, forbidden love, love of one’s country, calf love, crazy love, eternal love, holiday love, paternal love, mother love and some of the finest Hair Crime ever!

First Blood!

Australian Open.

I‘m really looking forward to the match between FedEx and Ali in about 30 minutes.
Federer is playing exceptionally well this tournament.
If his mental strenght is intact he should go through to the semifinal.

After the match: Pretty disappointed by his performance. Federer needs to get a lot more aggressive to win against Murray.