Siwucha Vodka

I‘m pretty sure this is the first bottle of Vodka i bought that has a cork – which is sweet and just looks nice, but the sealing was massive and smelled awful.
The vendor told me Siwucha is pure Vodka, would probably not have bought it if i‘d known it’s aromatized with sloes. First things first, Siwucha is a pretty smooth Vodka, one can taste it’s aged in oak barrels. There’s also a subtle vanilla flavor and then there’s the sloes. The sloes are present, BUT not as pungent and artifical as you might know it from the hundred of Absolut products. The fruity element isn‘t prominent, it sets the tone, but still leaves room for other flavors.
I‘m still not a fan of aromatized Vodka, but this one is by far the best i had in that section.