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Even with the bad weather all week long, i could have stayed a lot longer. Even discovered a few new spots. Moving to Sylt is still something i want to consider.

Those were the days.

Remember the days when i couldn‘t even do 10 Push-ups. Nowadays, i do 50 without blinking an eye and after drinking a lot of that Smirnoff Blue 50%. Couldn‘t resist, 2l of 50% Vodka at 23 Euro. Second bottle will sweeten my holiday on Sylt next week!


8 hours of work today – first time in my life.

Pig Destroyer – Book Burner.

Out late october. Voice sounds kinda strange. Sample did absolutely not blow me away. Still excited about it.


… for long car rides by the sea next week.
These songs will be on for sure:

(Soooooooooo good!)