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Alcoholica des Tages: Alsfelder Landpils

Nicht die Zeit fuer grosse Worte, deswegen einfach ein Test von biertest-online, dem ich zustimme:
„Getreidig-würziger Antrunk mit leicht bitterem Beiton. Mild bleibend, die Aromen scheinen sich gegenseitig zu übertrumpfen was zu einem eher disharmonischen Eindruck führt. Zum Ende kristallisiert sich der bittere Ton als Hauptnote hervor, wirkt aber etwas muffig.“



Just ordered 4 trial packs of smokes i would never buy, got a free year’s subcription of H.O.M.E. magazine and booked tickets for a movie i wouldn‘t even watch on TV. Yesterday i ordered 2 maps of the world and now consider getting a fancy sliding bevel.
Life is exciting!


Gotta admit, i‘m obsessed with it lately. Might not seem that much of a deal, but for someone who used to despise any sweet liquid just a while ago and now drinking orange soda and whisky-cola regularly, it’s something. Cheers!

summer in the city.

Pig Destroyer

The songwriting for Phantom Limb is incredibly well done, every hook is just perfectly timed. There’s a concept behind every song and the recording as a whole. The thick rock relapse-like production/mastering works just fine here too. This aint a recording to listen to on the side. You really need to get yourself into it and listen to it from first to last (bonus song not included) in one go. Nearly perfect piece of music and definitely the peak of their oeuvre. Despite desperately waiting for new material i can hardly imagine how they wanna keep up with the standard of Phantom Limb.

When i wrote this 3 years ago i knew it was almost impossible to top Phantom Limb, the news about the upcoming album still disappointed me:

The extreme music world is about to get a much needed cinderblock to the face as the mighty PIG DESTROYER has entered the studio to record their highly anticipated 5th full-length record and first album in over five years! The band is self-producing and recording the new album at guitarist Scott Hull’s Visceral Sound Studios in Alexandria, VA. The as-of-yet-titled album is a return to a raw, primitive sound and will feature 19 songs of their signature misanthropic grind. A late 2012 release is expected via Relapse Records.