Minskaya Vodka.

Just had this one in a restaurant, but if you serve vodka in an icecold glass and the drink itself comes right out of the freezer as well it’s just hard to say anything about the taste of it. It’s was chilled and tasted like icecold water. Oink.

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  1. 1 Bernhard Loibl 17. Januar 2012 um 9:55 Uhr

    Hi there,

    you are right. Such a smooth taste and fine flavor from MINSKAYA vodka you will enjoy best at room temperature or just slightly chilled.
    Question: Can you provide me with the restaurant´s contact data?
    I really want to instruct them ho to serve a vodka, which was awarded 218 times and what is totally different from the main streem stuff.
    By the way: The photo shows the former design. For news take a look at: www.russian-cult.com

  2. 2 Administrator 24. Januar 2012 um 12:31 Uhr

    thanx for the comment.
    there you go: post@stadtwirtschaft.de

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