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another year.

This year was pretty bad when it comes to my retirement plan. Poker went south and the last 2 months weren‘t that great in general either. Figuring things out right now and to be honest i‘m pretty curious about what’s to come. Will do my best to make this one a year to remember! :-) CHEERS!

about the bahncard 100 first.

I‘m having it for a while now and investing in it was a good decision. I‘ve been to Sylt and had to go 2nd class both ways cos my partner just had a ticket for that class. To be honest, it was digusting! I‘m 193cm tall, no legroom and the coaches, on sundays, just jammed. Beside that, which is an important point to me, you just get treated with more respect in the first class and when you show em the bahncard 100, after a suspicious look first, the conductor will smile even more.
But, let’s break it down. The Bahncard100 for the first class is 6400 Euro/Year. But if you register for Bahncomfort-promotion and register for the newsletter as well as the free credit card you‘ll receive enough points to get 3 round trip tickets you can sell at ebay 145-165 euro each – makes close to 500 Euro. So, the price pretty much lowers to less than 6000 Euro. The Bahncard100 for the second is about 3600 Euro by the way and i think you will have trouble getting 2 of these round tickets for it. But let’s go back to the 1.class one. Another gimmick you‘ll get is a free round trip ticket for a friend. You might also get this with the second class one, but it’s worth a lot more and who doesn‘t like making a loved one happy? Going on with calculation… if you‘re happy enough to live in a city that has a db lounge with a first class area (just like Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich) which i am you can enjoy free champagne, wine, beer, fruit salad as well as some sandwiches and cake. I like to go there at 8 o clock in the evening to read the newspapers and together with fruit salad as well as sparkling water enjoy some pinot gris which is much better than the red wine they serve. They sell the pinot gris in trains for like 6,50 Euro.

… just had way too much vodka when beginning this. Have to sum it up kinda early. It’s all hypothetical, but if you‘ve the money i‘d always recommend the Bahncard100 first class. You will hardly have ever troubles finding a seat again (folks in the first class tend to respect bahncomfort.seats at lot more than in the second class). It’s a lot more spacious (the legroom!), folks might not be smarter & more interesting there, but if you enjoy a relaxed ride first class is the way to go. On most rides they serve free sweets and there’s always free newspaper available – something you won‘t get in the second class! The conductor usually treats you a lot better in the first class and cos the coaches aren‘t that crowded the air is a lot better too which is a factor not to be ignored especially in the hot summer days.

… of course, this is all bullshit. There‘re about 30000 bahncard100 around. I can just guess how many will be for the first class, but i‘m pretty sure it’s a lot less than 10000! I hardly ever see other guys with a Bahncard100 first.
There‘re still quite some cities with first class areas in the S-Bahn and if you live in Frankfurt you‘ll know this is a welcome extra.

Well, i run out of boring nonsense and no, i‘m not paid by the Deutsche Bahn to write this. Cheers.