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After almost 3 months in the second class i finally got my Mobility Bahncard 100 First 2 days ago. Makes riding trains a lot more comfortable. More legroom, bigger tables and with the single bahncomfort.seats i will hopefully not have to face someone sitting right next to me too soon again. Just can‘t stand strange people so close to me. I‘m always feeling uneasy then and can‘t enjoy the ride. The first class waiting area in Frankfurt and a few other big cities serves free beer, wine, champagne, fruit salad and some other nice goodies. Pretty nice if you‘re a carouser and your place is just one stop with the city train away from the free booze. Compared to the second class waiting area it’s a lot more spacious which is cool, but on the other hand it might also be cos you can‘t bring someone (who has no first class ticket) and that kinda sucks. They might argue it’s cos of the better and more exclusive range (db lounge second class waiting area where you can bring one person just offers free coffee and some other soft drinks), but it would just be a nice place to meet up with business associates. Beside that you just pay shitloads of money for a first class ticket. Anyway, i‘m pretty happy about buying that thing and just no longer need to hustle for a free seat on the crowded trains i‘m using. Plus though it was kinda irritating the first few times it’s just great to go straight to the empty first class area in the always jammed city trains in Frankfurt. Yeah, i‘m a simple man, easy to please.

I‘m still smoking from time to time and really found my brand:

No perfume, additives… all this kind of shit and a black american spirit smoke just lasts a longer than any other brand i know. The black ones are pretty strong too.
Funny, just found a package of tobacco and it was american spirit, unfortunately not the black one.

Going to Sylt again in october and already counting the days. I‘m such a lazy bum, always tired, always lethargic.

On Poker.

Put in about 50-60 hours of play in august. Never played that much before. Result: 2 Stacks up + few bucks from a leaderboard race. Highlights: Folding quads by accident + AA vs KK preflop allin deep at some $5K vip freeroll (no need to mention result).
Moral of the story: 50-60 hours completely wasted. Cheers.

New York, Brett

Ich fuehle mich auf dem Land nicht wohl. Und das Land fuehlt sich in meiner Gegenwart nicht wohl. Alles, was Fluegel hat, sticht mich. Jede Muecke, jede Wespe, jeder Moskito, jede Fliege und jeder Floh sticht mich. Wenn Schmetterlinge und Motten stechen koennten, wuerden auch sie mich stechen.