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KK vs 87. Flop: 998. Money goes in. Turn: blank. River: 8. 100000 Chips, Chiplead. Booom. Other donkament, 5 times average stack, playing aces perfect to get a guy with 88 allin on the turn, river: 8. Not really wanted to mention the Aces i lost four times in a row last week at Bodog and we‘re not talking pennies here. i‘m really cursed when it comes to poker.


So good to get a decent bottle of vodka, sharing it with a good (read: your best) friend, see him hestitating to take the first glas… then taking another and another and getting drunk and it’s all fun and good.
The rest of the bottle i take to my bedroom with me and chill out til it’s time to sleep.

things i could have done if not wasting time with poker:

anything! haha.

fun facts.

- i‘m older than sido, but never worked a shitty job, actually i never ever had a job and not plan on changing it.
- i‘m a vegan for 16 years. (funniest fact ever)
- was straight edge for 14 years.
- wanna retire from any worries about financing my lifestyle in 5 years. (not funny)
- i‘m a big cycling fan, watching any race on tv, documentaries and read a lot of articles, but i haven‘t had a bike myself for many years.
- soon i‘ll have been to all the db-lounges there are – not that it would be worth checking em out.
- just quit smoking. will still smoke occassionally, but not on a regular basis. my circulation suffers too much from it.