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end of june.

Summer is here and i‘m already suffering from the heat. Weather kept me from doing more traveling and i hope it won‘t stay that way. Had a decent month in poker, but didn‘t play that much and guess it won‘t change too soon. Sports betting is more fun and by winning 13/16 bets on the soccer world cup i kinda regret not risking more money. Beside betting against germany in any game (not counted to the 13/16 statistic) i made live bets only. I‘m good in reading games, be it soccer or tennis and made primarily bets on who’s winning. Raised the stakes a bit on the match between the netherlands and slowakia. I‘m just doing this more seriously for a few weeks now and i still need to get to know all the angles. i‘m a competitive person, but sports betting should remain fun to spicen up games.
THE TOUR is up next and after a few dry days/weeks i‘m really counting the days. Really curious about the perfomance of the Schleck-brothers. Kinda expect a lot and hope the team will be there to support em even knowing they‘ll leave the Saxobank squad by the end of the season. Just read Basso is confident and will go for the victory as well. Shouldn‘t be that much of a surprise, but i‘m kinda sorry for Nibali who will have to wait another year. Can‘t wait since i‘m a big fan of his style. Amstrong did he best in lowering expectations of fans and the media again and again over the last few weeks and just recently announced this tour will be his last. Perhaps he finally realised he has no shot at winning it. Le TOOOOOOOUR!
Too bad i had no time to follow Wimbeldon (no bets on it at all). Will try to see and maybe bet on a few matches cos beside buying something to eat and my daily trips to the post office there’s pretty much nothing tempting me to leave the apartment with 30+ degrees outside. Cheers!

update: june.

- been to the sea as you can see on the right
- enjoyed taking pictures
- played a few decent poker sessions & won a few cents
- trains trains trains, db lounges, db lounges, db lounges
- already accomplished quite a few of my monthly goals
- need to start working on my fitness again
- germany lost vs serbia which made me real happy and a little richer
- live sports betting is kinda fun and i‘m even up a few bucks
- saw public enemies for the fifth time and it’s still geting better
- just drinking 70% absinth and i‘m still no fan of it
- i am doing a new blog: stations

band of the week.

Assück and in particular their second LP „Misery Index“. Sheer straight forward brutality. Been a big fan of the record when it came out in 1997 and still think it doesn‘t need any of the countless bands of that genre appearing afterwards.