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Tour Of California.

Final stage is on its way right now. Watching it on german eurosport. Uli ‚Janschi‘ Jansch is a commentator at this tv station… forever and still not capabale to read the simplest tactical maneuvers, always wondering what’s going on and who the riders attacking are. Beside being absolutely clueless about cycling he’s a master in turning the most exciting stage into something extremely boring with his commentary. Made me turn off the TV except for first, queen and final stage.
Hope, he won‘t do the tour this year, not pretending Gerhard ‚Leini‘(it’s not me inventing these cheesy nicknames!) Leinauer wouldn‘t be as incompetend as Janschi.
British eurosport with Sean Kelly & David Harmon is a lot better. You just might need to pump up the volume a bit in order to make sense of what grouchy Kelly is trying to say. Harmon and his quite typical british humor even makes me laugh. Leini & Janschi (& Migels) do so too, but that’s primarily cos i feel embarressed for them…

mary jane.

* done with mary jane!
* can‘t remember last time i‘ve been home for 3 weeks straight. lazy azz.
* lost 10 allin in a row yesterday (record!). only one was worse than 50:50. crazy shit.
* giro is kinda fun, but i‘d rather pass on the guiness world record stuff circumstances.
* do a lot of training. military push is one of my favez. hope to make it and push my own weight some day.

twitter my azz.

* played poker for the first time in weeks, got my money in good and lost any fucking time! won a bit today. still running billions under ev. crunchtime: lost any fucking allin again.
* money is tight at the moment which sucks cos i want so much stuff. might borrow some.
* i gotta get going so i can forget about that as well as almost anything else – it all sucks! right on!
* i‘m a smoker now – isn‘t that something?!! would have to buy new ones. prefer mary jane.

reboot me.

Had to reinstall operating system and forgot to backup:

- Mails/Address Books
- Instant Messaging Histories
- Bookmarks
+ All The Other Things I can‘t Think Of At The Moment

That’s me!

Edit: a whole bunch of to me important pictures are gone as well.
Edit2: data recovery is running.


It’s about time!

French sports daily, L‘Equipe, rates Cadel Evans and Carlos Sastre 4-star favorites to win the Giro. L‘Equipe gives 3 stars to Alexandre Vinokourov, 2 stars to Ivan Basso, and 1 star to Michele Scarponi, Vincenzo Nibali and Bradley Wiggins.

Will have to be seen, but i‘m pretty sure Basso won‘t even be able to keep pace with his teammate Nibali. Coming into the race on short notice (replacement for Pellizotti) Nibali might not be 100% prepared, but as he points out in an interview: „My form is good. I had an altitude training camp in April with the others. While Basso and Pellizotti built up resistance, we worked on our explosiveness. This may be of use to me here.“ After his impressive performances in 2009 i rank him a lot higher than Scarponi, Wiggins and Basso. I‘m really curious how consistent Evans will perform. He will probably not be able to counter attacks in the steepest parts of the climbs again, but with good time trials and consistant result he’s a man to be reckoned with.