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Twitter ME, no.666

- Evans just did great at Wallone. Already some outstanding classics this year. YUMMY!
- Less TV-coverage&/streams than last year. Tour of Basque Country my highlight so far.
- Confession: I like chippendale furniture.
- I like Going On by Gnarls Barkley and YES, i saw the puma spot first.
- No training except for push ups – kinda frightening.
- 2 weeks with Jay, Booze, Poker & TV – kinda frightening².
- Sometimes things are too good to be true and that’s why they fade – disappointing.
- The new season of Breaking Bad is so fucking bad (read: cool) – yawn!
- Giro will be a ball!
- Wearing my yellow Credit Lyonnais cap makes me an even bigger cycling-enthusiast (strictly TV LĂ–L).