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Update 01, feb. 2010.

After giving Poker a serious try i decided to put it to rest for a while. In fact, i decided not to play a single hand til the end of of the month, beside that, no videos, blogs, articles or anything poker-related. Will reconsider in march what to do. No more sports betting either! Made the decision about 3 or 4 days ago and with poker more or less off my mind i do already feel some kind of reactivation of other parts. I‘m working more concentrated and focused than ever before! With a list of monthly goals on my PDA and daily to-do lists on my cell which i try to follow as much as possible it feels like i‘m capable of achieving a lot more. Already made a few decisions that are meant to bring about change to the somewhat lethargic state the massive thing POKER put me into.

I should seriously consider a career in consulting. I‘m very good at understanding problems, finding quick and effective solutions, cutting the crap and getting to the point. My pretty unique vita helps finding „alternative solutions“ as well, something business cusultancies are not getting tired of pointing out in their advertisements.
The day might come i‘m ready for the job market. Will go to McKinsey & Company then and tell em i‘m a total bum, but still more qualified and smarter than 95% of their stuff. Will give em odds they can‘t refuse!

Mix It Up, Sam.


The glas came with a bottle of glenlivet whiskey yesterday. After a glas or two i used it for grasovka vodka, then some fine canadian club whiskey and later on sobiesky vodka. The moral of the story? Blasphemy & i can taste/smell em all! With the pure mouth-waterin sobiesky vodka came the intense smell of grasovka (really like to smell it, but don‘t get me wrong, no grasovka-worship from my side since the taste is rather disappointing and lame compared to what awaits you when opening the bottle) and then the breath-taking power of canadian club i like so much followed by the smooth, kinda oily finish of glenlivit. That’s what i call a „cocktail“!

PS: I‘m still listening to hardly anything but LA ROUX. After finally discovering PIG DESTROYER few years ago and perhaps the impressive music of MORTON FELDMAN this is THE discovery i made lately. Right now GROWING PAINS and the cover of FAREWELL TO THE FAIRGROUND are on heavy rotation.

Mad Men.

I just like to watch well dressed people drinking & smoking all day long. I‘m a cliché.

facts (twitter):

* running bad at poker paused.
* running bad at sports betting paused.
* running bad at buying new clothes
*running bad at replying to mails
* running bad at auctions on ebay
* running bad at interpersonal matters
* running bad at push ups
* running bad at making decisions
* running bad at the employment agency
* running bad at the rehab thing