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#1 the new flick by the coens is even worse than the last one
#2 breakfast at tifanny’s is soo good.
#3 time can‘t make everything vanish, mr. proust.
#4 la roux need to improve their merch range.
#5 i‘m jealous of madame belucci.
#6 whiskey aint a foe.
#7 „¿Donde está la zapateria?“ won‘t help getting „Los abrazos rotos“.
#8 „Nikólaos“ can be understood to mean victory of the people or „power of the people“.
#9 i heard it means something like: the one who subjagates the world.
#10 marcel proust – walter benjamin – jean améry. enough talk.


Oskar, Oh, my dear Mr. Graf! But even without you this place is beautiful in winter!