Archiv für Oktober 2009


.. i really GOT GOING! Wanna surpass that in november.


PS: It’s not that long since i came back from Sylt and i do already check where to go next. Maybe the Canary Islands. I just want some place by the sea and wlan. Swimming, drinking, reading and playing poker in some nice environment – most tempting idea at the very moment. Hope to get out of the country for at least a week in november.
I‘m starting the day with vodka-o… kinda special day.
PPS: This record of LA ROUX is quite a treasure.

PPS: SERPENT THRONE just finished the recording session of their new album. Just catched a glimpse on the artwork – sweet as usual. Should get some of the songs soon. I expect it to top the previous material. LP will be out on modus again.
MILLS OF GOD will hit the studio early 2010. Had the change to listen to one of the new songs they did record during rehearsals. This time with VOCALS – amazing!

A Davosa watch will never be an IWC.