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The Tour De France is on for almost 2 weeks now and to be honest i‘m still not really into it yet. Perhaps i‘m just a little jaded. Watched pretty much any of the classics and tours this year. But i‘m kinda getting into the groove (now). Cannonball Cavendish and his team are just amazing and i enjoy any final he reels in another victory. I‘ve never been and will never be a fan of a certain rider. I love cycling and the prestige races in particular.
Despite Menchovs parforce run (which one can even better evaluate after his performance during the first stages of the Grande Boucle) the giro was rather boring. Di Luca was fighting so hard to get Menchov in trouble, but overall it was a rather lame tour.
Armstrongs return and all the talk about it is so pathetic and just makes me yawn. The Pyrenees stages were a big disappointment, especially the one to Tarbes Pellizotti almost took down. With the Tourmalet 60km to the finish and only downhill from there it killed all the action. I hope for the alps and despite Astanas domination there‘re quite a few riders who can still stir up the GC.

Fave 3 recordings of June/July:

1. PIG DESTROYERPhantom Limb
3. PEACHESI Feel Cream

The first two you‘d probably find in any top 10 of mine over the last 2 years. The songwriting for Phantom Limb is incredibly well done, every hook is just perfectly timed. There’s a concept behind every song and the recording as a whole. The thick rock relapse-like production/mastering works just fine here too. This aint a recording to listen to on the side. You really need to get yourself into it and listen to it from first to last (bonus song not included) in one go. Nearly perfect piece of music and definitely the peak of their oeuvre. Despite desperately waiting for new material i can hardly imagine how they wanna keep up with the standard of Phantom Limb.

Still feels great it was US who put Bongzillas absolutely amazing Gateway recording out on wax. Even if i might change my taste in music some day i‘ll always say it’s a brilliant record.