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Just watched the first few minutes of GO GO TALES by Ferrara and can‘t express how excited i‘m finally getting my hands on a copy of this hard to find flick. Nonetheless took a break after the first few minutes cos i was certain with a bit of booze i‘ll enjoy this even more. REFUS-blog and Abel Ferrara have some kind of special bond!
Last stage of this years Giro now. 3 long weeks, pretty happy it’s over now. Dauphiné is next.
Just opened a bottle of beer with a stapler and succesfully used pens, knives etc. – I‘M A MAN NOW.
Monica Bellucci and Vicent Cassel (don‘t miss Public Enemy No.1!) above. RRRRRR!


- i finally manage to open a bottle of beer with a lighter
- first stage of the giro tomorrow and i‘ll miss it cos my mothers lover celebrating his 50. and i‘m supposed to show up
- the new x-men is so fucking boring
- catched up with some major flicks i always wanted to see: salton lake, city by the sea – trash!
- the new PEACHES recording is pretty decent, just takes a while to discover it
- still don‘t own a fucking car
- still not a poker millionaire, but at least having 3-figure winnings again
- still spend most of the time in the rest room when doin‘ heavy beer sessions
- oi