Archiv für August 2008

Photography by a donk.

I‘m hardly taking pictures myself. Never did. But lately i give it a try from time to time. Some of the results you can see below. Shitty stuff, but at times it feels like i kinda have „the touch“. First 2 shots are labeled ‚Touch Of Evil Primitivism‘ and the other 2 ‚COD – Care Of the Devil‘. Enjoy the show and feel free to book me for your bat mitzvah!


Vincent Cassel.

I‘m in the midst of a Vicent Cassel Fest. Pretty much fall in love with this guy after EASTERN PROMISES. He did a really nice performance in this flick and the role was just perfect. So within the last few days a saw a hell of a lot films with him and most of them just suck. The newer ones (SHEITAN, BLUEBERRY) are the worst. Even Cassel can‘t do anything about it. DOBERMANN is entertaining Trash and LA HAINE surprisingly good. M√ČTISSE and 1 or 2 more of the older ones i gotta see then the Fest will be over. Cassel is sweet and doing very well in EASTERN PROMISES and LA HAINE, but he tends to either overact or not being present at all – kinda disappointing.


Fuck record collector i‘ve got WALTER SERNER!