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For those who wonder i‘ve been to the north sea (you can see some pictures on the right, check some more out here and was pretty occupied over the last 2-3 weeks with LE TOUR DE FRANCE! That’s pretty much the only happening broadcasted on TV i try to follow from beginning to end, 3 weeks, 3-7 hours a day. I‘m in love with cycling since the days of my early childhood and always followed the big racings on TV. I wrote two short pieces about the TOUR here and here

After the abrupt end of DEADWOOD i decided to give 24 another chance. I‘d seen the first 2 or 3 episodes and didn‘t quite get the hype about this series. The real-time thing didn‘t add anything to the suspense neither did the split screen or the ticking of the watch – i find this rather cheesy… After another dozen episodes i kind of gotta revise my first impression. At least Sutherland isn‘t acting that bad and i always fancy the milieu of hitmen, corrupted cops, advanced technology etc. You just get used to it & keep watching. It’s not comparable to DEADWOOD which is pretty much my fave. Don‘t know that many TV series but this stands out ‚cos it’s well written, the acting is decent, the camera work is just fine, … – it’s just pretty quality work and definitively not getting boring like the promising PRISON BREAK. In PRISON BREAK you could find pretty much everything: the story was kinda fresh, the variety of characters promising etc. But after 3 or 4 episodes, the characters got introduced & established, the story set – it just got lame. There was one excellent part, Peter Stormare from FARGO! A solid actor, in PRISON BREAK as well. They gave his character an absurd religious twist and after only a few episodes he was out of the series. P.B. continues and cos of the success the writers keep on inventing new plot twists and extensions – it’s just ridiculous, but also somewhat interesting how they‘ll manage to add another season and another…

After such a long time the MILLS OF GOD LP is now finally at the pressing plant. We‘re still super thrilled about this release. MOG are just a great band, outstanding songwriting – way above the mediocre sludge/doom stuff! We expect the release to be ready in about a month. It‘ will be available on CD & LP. You can catch a glimpse of the artwork on their myspace-site