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Just discovered them by luck when clicking through Serpent Thrones friends on Myspace and then another Click and another and… BIRDS OF MAYA!

Birds of Maya – Vol. 1 [12288LP]

It’s been said that Volume One is possibly the best rock release to come out of Philadelphia ever. While low on recording budget, attitude and pretension, Birds of Maya is high on stolen riffs and an energetic execution seldom seen outside of a Sunday ruling by Seamus McCaffery. Whether they are mangling riffs or stepping way out for fried boogie solos Birds of Maya oozes a dark chunky sludge with elements from all the colors of the classic rock rainbow. Do they really sound like „a GG Allin demo played through a megaphone?“ It’s a fair description and it’s certainly colorful, but it leaves out an awful lot. They are loud and they are chaotic, but they have way more groove than GG Allin could have ever imagined. Birds of Maya did what countless garage rock geeks try and fail at: dust off 1968 and bring it back to life without making it look like museum piece. Bringing on the best of 60s power trios like Hendrix and Cream, a whiff of Blue Cheer’s bongwater, Black Sabbath’s bass heavy paranoia, and Stooges bum-out, they were sloppy in all the right places. The jamming never got tired and held everyone’s raptattention.

Found this Review on the Website of their label and i think it describes the sound pretty well! Check ‚em out on MYSPACE and get the record!

Current Mood

More like Agathe than Ulrich (for our Robert Musil Fans) with a strong Hanno impact (for our Thomas Mann Fans) and i‘d rather like to change parts with Max (Louis Begley).


Modus Operandi is a 2 men operation. i‘d like to use this blog to babble a bit about projects, updates, ideas etc. regarding the label. We do already have a myspace-account as well as a website and everything is well covered, but this is part of my life too and this is why it’s in.

Most recent procject:
We‘re about to release RIDE SATAN RIDE by SERPENT THRONE on vinyl.
It was my labelmate René who discovered them on the almighty myspace. “This might be something for you.”, he said – right he was! The band released this recording itself in 2007 on CD and Modus Operandi will put it out on wax in the very near future. Hell yeah! Check out the „Pressing Info“ below. It’s the first time i do this tabularized stuff and i‘m pretty well aware of the strict business talk style, but what the heck it’s fun!

Pressing Info:

* TITLE: „Ride Satan Ride“

* FORMAT: 12″ LP vinyl 180gr

* PRESSRUN: 500 copies worldwide

* EXTRAS: Limited Edition with 11” x 17” Poster

* DETAILS: About 40 minutes of great 70’s influenced instrumental Heavy Rock with excellent lead guitar work.

* FOR FANS OF: Black Sabbath, old Judas Priest, Zebulon Pike, The Sword, Torche

Listen to the song Black Stabbeth [variable bit rate 228kbps]:



The band plays a brand of hard rock that harkens back to the golden age of heavy riffs and tasty solos called the 70’s. And just to be clear, Serpent Throne does not wallow in the mires of prog like Witchcraft or Burning Saviours. There’s no pretense with Serpent Throne, these guys bring the rock and that’s it.

Taking stoner rock to the furthest reaches of instrumental bedlam, Philadelphia’s fiendishly named Serpent Throne presents RIDE SATAN RIDE. With enough Black Sabbath-inspired riffs to make Tony Iommi call up his lawyer[…] (

Videos on Youtube:

(Song: Speed Queen)

(Song: Back Stabbeth. Sound is not the best and the song not completely recorded, but one of my fave songs of SERPENT THRONE.)

Update, may 04th: We‘ll send the recording to the pressing plant tomorrow. If everything works out the lps should be here in about 3 or 4 weeks.

A few songs to download.


Oh, a MIXTAPE! No, just a few mp3. The mix is pretty lame and pathetic, but so am i. Didn‘t do any work on the soundfiles, means the tracks differ in quality as well as loudness. Total running time is 1h 22minutes. Doesn‘t qualify for burning as audio cd if you don‘t skip a tune. Enjoy!


(in memoriam walter serner)