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TOP 10 Favorite Movies

Just stumbled on something cheesy:
I did this list quite a while ago for a site where you can smarten up your profile with a list of your favorite movies. I chose these 10 not ‚cos i think these are the definite best films of all time. Not at all! Das kalte Herz for instance, it’s a good film, but far from being perfect. The reason it made it to the list is this film really gave me the creeps back then. I hadn‘t seen the movie in years but still remembered the scene when Peter Munk visits the Hollaender-Michel in his cave. The expression on their faces, the pitch of their voices, the music, the pulsating hearts on the wall – this is the first film i can recall that left a lasting impression on me. This one as well as 2 or 3 other movies just mean a lot to me. Then there‘re movies by Welles, Pasolini, Fassbinder and the Coens in the list and i‘m not going to say Accatone is by any means the most significant work of Pasolini, but all of these directors deserved to be mentioned ‚cos they‘re some of my favorite and i just wanted one of their films to be included. Enjoy!

Favorite Movies
1) Joel Coen — Blood Simple. (1984) imdb link

2) Martin Scorsese — The Age of Innocence (1993) imdb link

3) Paul Verhoeven — Kalte Herz, Das (1950) imdb link

4) Patrice Leconte — Fille sur le pont, La (1999) imdb link

5) Pier Paolo Pasolini — Accattone (1961) imdb link

6) Jean-Luc Godard — À bout de souffle (1960) imdb link

7) François Ozon — Amants criminels, Les (1999) imdb link

8) Rainer Werner Fassbinder — Lola (1981) imdb link

9) Orson Welles — Touch of Evil (1958) imdb link

10) Michael Mann — Heat (1995) imdb link


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